This rare Gotcha Warrior is considered just as "combine material" since it doesn't have any special attack and the attack power and health is lower than that of any starting basic G.W. (it can be deployed on battle, though).

Just like some "Stamp Only" or "Collaboration" Gotcha Warriors, Itachimaru comes in a "Final Form" that can't be evolved at all.

Main Character Info Edit

Name Itachimaru
Gender Male
Type Ninja
Max Evolution Levels 1
Attack Angle 0° (Straight)
Attack Interval (s) 1.6
Sp Attack Interval (s) N/A

Evolution Level 1 Edit

IMG 20130911 150203


General Stats Edit

Rarity R
Description A precious component that a certain G.W. needs to evolve itself.
Max Level 1
Attack Range 310
Special Attack Range 0

Level Specific Stats Edit

Base Max
Hit Points 1000 N/A
Attack Power 100 N/A
Knockback Power 3 N/A
Special Attack Power 0 N/A
Sale Price 1000 N/A

Evolution Info Edit

Next Evolution Materials
Next Evolution Cost
Material For Panther(4F), T-Wolf(4F), Shin(4F), Puppy(4F), O.B.L(4F), Shizu(4F), Sakura(4F), Satsuki(4F), Kumo(4F), Yayoi(4F), Ageha(1F), Jakuren(1F), Kaede(1F), Apron-Ver.Asahi(1F), Ambersand(1F), Raitei(1F), Bowser(1F), Bowser(2F), Bowser(3F), Amakusa(1F), Amakusa(2F), Amakusa(3F), Vesse(1F), Ryuuzen(2F), Ryuuzen(3F), Ranmaru(2F), Ginji(1F), Kanon(1F), Supica(2F), Raiga(2F), Zhang Fei(1F), Nobunaga(1F), Nobunaga(2F), Nobunaga(3F)